Viki Kids Club

Dreams come true for you and your kids

The newly reconstructed sports centre Viktoria is accommodating the facilities of brand new club for kids called VIKI KIDS CLUB.
Your child is the most precious treasure you have and it is more than reasonable to evaluate and think over properly where he or she will attend kindergarten, where they will play, play sports and make friends. Here we introduce and offer you a very special place, where all dreams can come true.

Why to join an English kindergarten?

Language knowledge belongs to the most complex knowledge you can acquire during your life. We acquire language training from the very first days of our lives and it is wise to start to acquire second or even third language as soon as you can. Little children are like sponges and they learn and remember everything you tell them, because they do not focus on the foreign language concept but on the melody, rhythm and individual sounds. They try to reproduce and imitate while playing, and we want to make language super fun for them. We do not tell them straight from the beginning that they are learning something special, a second language; they do not need to know this. All they need is to have safe and happy environment and play as much as they want. And that is exactly what we are going to give them. Play, fun, games and more play. They will not notice that they are doing something special, that they are learning a special new language. This is backed by many scientific studies which were conducted on this topic and which found out that children’s acquisition of knowledge is much simpler and much more effective because of the fact, that everything is for the beginning stored in one part of the brain and no specific neurone chain is needed for that. That is why all the language acquisition scientists declare that to start with foreign language learning is never too soon.

So be generous and let your child learn the first foreign language as early as possible through non-persuasive forms, let them learn through play in the kindergarten. Not only you will be able to check the results for yourself straight from the first day, but you will also be rewarded later by the excellent starting point of your child’s consequent educational possibilities. Your child will already know what other children will have to learn with pain at school. Let your child be happy and learn while playing in the kindergarten. You will have a lot of fun and never-to-be-forgotten memories from go-along parties, parent/children’s happenings and events and show up academia which will regularly accompany everyday programs in the kindergarten.

Why to let your kids join our kindergarten?

In these times you as a parent have an excellent opportunity to choose from several possibilities where to place your child. Even between the kindergartens which offer full time education in a foreign language there is a variety and multiple options available. Our advice is to visit them all, see with your own eyes what they can offer, what the environment and facilities look like, what impression the staff make on you. Consider all the points which might save your strength, time, and even nerves. A good kindergarten is not just the kindergarten, other kids and its staff; it is also the outside areas, surrounding facilities, afternoon clubs, indoor facilities, other leisure time activities, and entertainment for parents. You can have all this in our kindergarten. In our building you will be able to find activities not only for your kindergarten child, but also for their older siblings, for you and even for your parents. In our kindergarten, we are more than happy to introduce the perfect balance between opportunities for language learning, sports enjoyment and self-realization, relaxation, and creativity. See for yourself and visit our facilities.

What can you find in our facilities?

  • English club with all day English language exposure. We have not only qualified and experienced Czech teachers, but also several native English speakers who will be guardians and friends to your child.
  • Full time all day sport and language activity clubs for children.
  • Afternoon clubs with sports and languages which will be open also for other children and for children who attend school already. Check our topical offer with numerous group and levels to join immediately.
  • Children from the kindergarten will have availability to attend all the surrounding facilities free of charge, the outside sports grounds, wellness and bowling.
    We offer these additional extracurricular activities: adjoined language school: AJ, NJ, ŠpJ, FrJ, RJ, tennis, squash, ballet, aerobics, gymnastics, athletics, art and creative class, pottery class, music classes, drama ...
  • Nany Baby Club - regular and non regular child attending. Possible to be managed also in your own house.
  • Baby and Mum Club - morning and afternoon clubs with activities fully independent and separated from the kindergarten. If you are a parent with a little baby of any age, this is the right thing for you.
  • Party club - we offer hosting and organizing birthday and special occasion parties for you and your children of any age. We can use according to your wish all possibilities that the Viktoria Centre offers such as sports, gyms, bowling, Seg-way driving, restaurant, wellness and many others. We can cater all your refreshments and meet almost all requirements. We are the place where your dreams can come true.

Viki Kids Club

Viki Kids Club is a club and kindergarten fulfilling all your requirements and a place where all dreams really can come true. We provide full time child attendance, part time regular or irregular, child babysitting, leisure and spare time afternoon clubs, education, sports, and relaxation. All this can be found in one place and in one building. We will be more than happy to welcome you in our centre. Have fun with us.

For more information and details contact our staff on 724057290 or visit our web pages of Centrum Viktoria.